Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms


The college coat of arms is in the form of a heraldic shield divided into four parts by a cross. The left side of the upper half has an open book and a flaming torch. The book signifies the light of truth derived from knowledge. The trumpeting angel on the right side of the upper half symbolizes selfless services like those of a ministering angel.

The left side of the lower half has a boat with its sail full blown, moving forward. This represents the launching into the ocean of life, well equipped with knowledge and truth. The coconut palms on the right side of the lower half stand for the motherland that seeks care and affection. The blue and red background of the shield represents college colors that signify hope and sacrifice.

Our motto “FOR TRUTH AND SERVICE” is given at the bottom of the coat.

Our Coat of Arms clearly reflects the moral, material and spiritual objectives cherished by the founder of this college. It exhorts the students to equip their minds with knowledge, to tread steadily along the paths of life, guided by the light of truth, love and service to achieve success in life, and above all, to be prepared to make any sacrifice that is required of them for a noble and worthy cause.

It is the sacred duty of every ALBERTIAN to follow the noble ideals that the Alma Mater has set for him/her to emulate and exemplify in his/her life.



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