Memorandum of Understanding

Sl. No. Name Year MoU/Collaboration
1 NIFPHATT, Cochin 2017 MoU
2 ICAR-CIFT, Cochin 2017 MoU
3 AMITY Trivandrum Center for Marine Science & Technology, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida 2017 Collaboration
4 Navadarsan (Education agency, Ernakulam) 2015 MoU
5 PEHAL Society, Aligarh, India 2009 MoU
6 Atree, Alapuzha 2009 Collaboration
7 University of Wisconsin, Madison (Aquaponics) International Internship Programme 2012 Collaboration
8 The Insitute for Sufficiency Economy Research and Promotion, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 2008 MoU
9 South China Normal University, China MoU
10 Rosen Fisheries, Thrissur 2005 Collaboration
11 Abad Fisheries, Choice Seafoods, Baby Marine International, Geo Seafoods, National Seafoods, Rabia Seafoods, Mangala Seafoods, Integrated Rubian Exports, Capithans Exporting Company, Matsyafed Ice & Freezing Plant, Working Agreement