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Specification of Source measure unit


Source Spec

Voltage range                           :200mV to 20V

Programming resolution                       :5µV to 500µV

Best     Accuracy                     : 0.02% + 600 μV @ 2V

Source/sink limit                      : ±2.1 V @ ±1.05 A/ ±21 V @ ±105 mA

Current Range                          : 1µA to 1A

Default Resolution                   : 50pA to 50µA

Source/sink limit                      : ±1.05A @ ±2.1 V / ±105 mA @ ±21 V

Best Accuracy                         : 0.031% + 20nA @ 100µA


Measure Spec

Voltage range                           :200mV to 20V

Programming resolution                       :1µV to 100µV

Best     Accuracy                     : 0.012% + 300 μV @ 2V

Source/sink limit                      : ±2.1 V @ ±1.05 A/ ±21 V @ ±105 mA

Current Range                          : 1µA to 1A

Default Resolution                   : 10pA to 10µA

Source/sink limit                      : ±1.05A @ ±2.1 V / ±105 mA @ ±21 V

Best Accuracy                         : 0.025% + 6nA @ 100µA

Resistance Range                     : 200mW to 200MW

Default resolution                    : 10µW to 1KW

Default test current                  : 100mA to 100nA

Best Accuracy                         : 0.06% + 3W @ 20KW


Memory Buffer                       : 5,000 readings @ 5 digits (two 2,500 point buffers). Include Measured values

and time stamp. Lithium battery backup (3 yr+ battery life).

SOUR CE MEMOR Y LI ST : 100 points max.

Programmability                    : IEEE-488 (SCPI-1995.0), RS-232, 5 user-definable power-up states

Load Impedance                     : Stable into 20,000pF typical.

Common mode voltage           : 250V DC (40V DC for Model 2440).

Common Mode Isolation        : >109W, <1000pF.


GUARD OFF SET VOL TAGE : <150μV, typical (300μV for Models 2430, 2440).

Source Output modes             : Fixed DC level, Memory List (mixed function), Stair (linear and log)

It should be a standalone instrument for independent operation and should not be a PXI, USB based module.

Warranty                                  : 1 Year standard

Accessories to be supplied       : Test leads 2 nos, user manual, GPIB to USB adapter and driver software, certificate of calibration, and kick start software.



General Terms and Conditions

1 Model and year of introduction of the instrument Shall be mentioned in the tender along with original brochures /catalogue. Though the specifications given are of basic and general in nature, preference will be given for selection of higher- end versions. Therefore, bidders are advised to quote for different models.
2 Place of installation At  St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam
4 Delivery and installation of equipment: (i) The confirmation of acceptance of purchase order by the supplier shall be given within 7(seven) days from the date of issue of purchase order.(ii) Delivery and installation to be completed within 8 weeks from the date of opening of L/C.(iii) Short shipment and part shipment are not allowed.
5 Price (i) The price shall be quoted in foreign and Indian currencies, indicating break-up for the equipment and accessory instruments, details of import duty/ tax as applicable and other over-heads. The price shall be inclusive of all costs of freight, insurance, transportation, delivery (door delivery) and installation & commissioning at the respective laboratory.(iii) St. Albert’s college reserves the right to accept or reject any offer at its discretion.
6 Mode of payment (i) By Letter of Credit payable in foreign or Indian currency (to be specified):· 80% of payment on shipment against L/C documents.· 10% of payment after installation, commissioning and training by the supplier to the satisfaction of St Albert’s college.· In case of indigenous equipment, 90% of the payment in rupee terms shall be released against satisfactory installation, commissioning and training of the equipment in the respective labs.

· Balance 10% of payment against furnishing of irrevocable bank guarantee by the supplier for equivalent Indian Rupees (issued by a nationalized bank) as performance guarantee for Two from the date of successful installation and commissioning of the instrument/s.

(ii) In case the supplier cannot provide the bank guarantee as above, the 10% of payment (in equivalent Indian Rupees) shall be retained with St. Albert’s College and released on the expiry of Two after the successful installation and commissioning of the instrument/s.

7 Warranty (i) Two years  from the date of completion of installation for the complete system including replacement of instruments and parts, spares, accessories and labour charges.(ii) Complete set of spares and consumables as stand by shall be provided/made available along with the equipment or from time to time during the period of warranty.(iii) The repair/servicing and periodic IPV (Instrument Performance Verification) of the equipment with traceable standards have to be carried out by the manufacturer/supplier free of cost during the entire warranty period, or extended warranty period irrespective of any number of repairs / services.(iv) Definite time schedule for servicing of equipment, time required for attending break-downs, etc shall be indicated in the terms & conditions for warranty and AMC.(vi) Shall provide good after sale service/technical support capable of attending on short notice at places where the equipment is installed. At least 2 preventive maintenance visits and unlimited breakdown calls by the service/application support engineer during the warranty period, every year.

(vii) The manufacturer / supplier shall give a warranty certificate as per the format attached in the tender Document (Annex I).

8 After sales service (i) Shall provide for annual maintenance contract / after sale service contract after the warranty period.(ii) The cost/rate and the terms and conditions for AMC and IPV for three years, after the warranty period (3rd , 4th & 5th years) have to be specified.(iii) The payment terms for the AMC shall be as per the Rule 159 of GFR 2005(Govt. of India) and amendments there to.(iv) Definite time schedule for servicing of equipment, time required for attending break-downs, etc shall be indicated in the terms & conditions for AMC.(v) St Albert’s college  reserves the right to impose penalty @ `. 2000/- per day for the delay or other lapses of the manufacturer/supplier/ service provider in rectification of the break-downs beyond 3 working days, during the AMC period.
9 Training of personnel (i) Basic training for a period not less than two weeks after installation of the equipment to our technical personnel of the concerned laboratory.(ii) Trouble shooting training as and when required.
10 Experience The supplier shall have experience of at least 20 installations and operation of the equipment in India, including the model quoted.
11 Details of EMD 1% of the amount for the total number of equipment (the highest valued model quoted), by way of Demand Draft or Cheque (payable at par) drawn on any of the Nationalized Bank in favour of Principal, St. Albert’s College, Kochi.
12 Period of validity of the offer/tender 90 days.
13 Specification sheets Detailed specification sheet(s) highlighting all the technical and other specifications must be attached
14 Users List Complete list of users in India for the equipment (inclusive of the quoted model) along with certificates/testimonials from the customers shall be enclosed.
15 Instrument Performance Verification (IPV) (IQ, OQ & PQ) To be done free of cost with traceable standards for the first 2 years (on installation, every year, after break-downs and as when repair(s) are carried out).
16 Cost of tender documents The tender document may be downloaded from St. Albert’s college website and the amount of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) + VAT (5%) may be paid towards the tender document fee by Demand draft or Multicity cheque in favour of Principal, St. Albert’s College, Kochi.
17 Last date and time of receipt of tender 16.00 hrs on 21.10.2015 Tenders received late for any reason whatsoever, shall not be entertained. St. Albert’s College has the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason.
18 Submission of tender The tender shall be duly signed, sealed, super-scribed as “Tender for supply of Source Measure Unit” and submitted to: St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, Banerji Road, Kochi 682 018, India
19 Installation Check out specification. Shall be provided by the supplier.


The technical presentation on instruments / equipment is to be made at St. Albert’s College , Kochi after opening the technical bids (the date shall be informed later). The price bids (of two bid tender system) shall be opened only after technical evaluation of the technical bids. Those who qualify technically only will be considered for opening of financial bids.

Earnest money deposits (EMD) for the amount of 1% of the price/value (based on total number of equipment quoted) in the form of demand draft / cheque (payable at par) drawn in the name of Principal, St. Albert’s College , Kochi shall be submitted along with the tenders. The firm registered with DGS&D / NSIC as manufacturer for the supply of the same category of item for which the party is submitting quotation will be exempted from submission of EMD. Exempted parties will have to give proof of registration along with their quotation. EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded at the earliest but latest within 30 days after finalization of the purchase of concerned item.

The Principal, St. Albert’s College reserves the right to reject the bids or to cancel/postpone the procurements without assigning any reason whatsoever.




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